Full of energy and spiky jokes Helen brings life to school.

As a first year at Koto Gakuen she is trying to find what her future will be. Despite her apparent joy, Helen has a lot to deal with in her life.

Shy and quiet, Sarah is kindness incarnate. Also a first year at Koto Gakuen she is giving her very best to succeed in Japan. Sarah has many hobbies to discover and is a great confident.

Miyuki is a tough shell to crack and her strong personality can be a deterrent to many. Miyuki's goals in Japan are unclear and the shadow of her past is always lurking. Miyuki loves Kendo and will use you as a practice dummy!

Do not judge a book by it's cover! Despite her many flows and deviances, Professor Saito is the very best teacher Koto Gakuen has to offer. Like any other person she is much more complicated than what she seems.

Dean Oyama has a lot to carry on her shoulder. As the head of Koto Gakuen she takes her job at heart but will never let a student without help. Dean Oyama believes a great deal in people and she will show it through the year.